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06:00 am: all potty, all the time
Teddy's toilet training is coming along. He hasn't pooped in his diaper in several days. He's peeing in the potty most of the time. His morning and post-nap diapers are dry.

I don't dare venture a "w00t" quite yet, but his progress is encouraging.

* * * * *

The realtor fixed our house listing. :phew: The first (last? please, let it be the last because it sells so quickly and for a surprisingly high price!) open house is on Sunday, so I'll get to spend the weekend cleaning... two days before the cleaner comes. Oh well.

* * * * *

Now there are rumbles of a layoff at my company. I suspect it will be soon if it's going to happen. If I'm not laid off (I don't think I will be, but who knows), I will inevitably be affected. It's a small company, so I'm bound to know and like anyone who's let go. Ugh.

Peter and I have talked about what we'd do. Our moving fund could comfortably support us for several months if we're frugal.

Or we could sell the house and buy a similar-sized place for cash in Western Mass. With no mortgage, we can get by on very little (though the trips to Europe to see Peter's family would come to a screeching halt). Peter could probably get a job much more quickly than I, so perhaps I'd be a SAHM for a while. I don't know the job market in Western Mass, but I suspect there are more opportunities in Boston.

Or we could sell the house, rent a place, and live off the proceeds of the house sale until I get a new job. That could last us several years. Unless things went badly awry (if it took more than a couple of years for me to find a job, for instance), we should still have plenty of money for a down payment for a new house when I find employment.

I just don't know. And I hate the uncertainty and the stress.

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