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06:59 am: dinner conversation
I went outside to see what Peter wanted to drink with dinner. Teddy came running when he saw me.

"Mommy!! Mommy! Guess what! Guess what I did?"

"What, Teddy?" I asked, assuming I was in for a tale of squishing bugs or digging dirt.

"I peed outside!"

He's still talking about it. As a mere girl, I apparently under-estimated the importance, the thrill of peeing outdoors.

* * * * *

"I'm finished with my lunch," Teddy announced when he'd eaten enough (he's a little unclear on which meal is which).

"OK. Go and play. Burn off some kiddy kilowatts."

"Don't burn the kitty! That's not nice!"

"KiDDy, not kiTTy, Teddy. Use up some energy. You're right: it wouldn't be nice to burn the kitty."

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