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12:00 pm: Movin'
Teddy's doing lots better with crawling forwards now. Thankfully, he's still not too fast. 'Cause, um, well, we haven't baby-proofed the house yet.

He's also cruising the tub, the furniture, his crib, and me. We put him in his crib at one end, and next thing you know... zip! He's at the other end. Good thing he's fastest in the crib. 'Cause, well, the baby-proofing thing.

He put his face in the water today during swimming class. That was huge. He hasn't quite got the hang of blowing air out, but at least he didn't suck water in. He also "jumped" (more like "fell") from sitting on the side of the pool into my arms.

Current Mood: rushedrushed
Current Music: Keep Movin' on (Sam Cooke)
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