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08:59 am: Miserable failure
Me, not Teddy. Teddy's doing great.

The people who came to the house for a second look last week told their realtor it was over-priced and needed too much work. They're mostly full of shitake: the house is almost 70 years old and does need work, but it doesn't need a lot of work and certainly doesn't need any work before someone could move in and live quite comfortably. But one of the things they noticed was that there's a window that won't stay open.

Actually, there are three such windows. Peter and I don't care about that sort of thing - we prop the windows open and they work fine. But it's a legitimate gripe. So I found a video on thisoldhouse.com that shows how to put in a new sash cord, which looks like a pretty straightforward fix.

er... not so much. I didn't notice that they edited out one bit: opening the "secret compartment" where the weights are. The video showed a slightly different kind of window from ours, but I believe ours would actually be easier... if I could get the damned compartment open. Which I can't.

So I put it all back together again.

The window is only slightly worse for the wear, but I was a lot worse off. I've been working to get this house ready for 6 months (slowly, but steadily). I thought it was something I could do to make an instant improvement. And I couldn't do it. I was crushed.

Peter was not much help. He's not handy, which is fine. I'm used to being the handyperson. He grew up in a rented apartment in Communist-era Czechosolovakia. He's never had to do any kind of handyperson work. He did help unscrew the screws that were covered with 67 years of paint.

But when I couldn't fix it, and had to put it all back together again?

"I told you not to do it."


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Date:May 31st, 2008 08:43 pm (UTC)


Dad says "Wish I could have been there to help out." He agrees with your assessment of the house.

YoMaMa (and PaPa)
Date:June 2nd, 2008 01:49 pm (UTC)

Total garbage comment

The folks that came back for a second look don't really want to buy a house. When I was looking a few years back (without enough money to actually be in the market), that's the sort of comment I would come up with in exchange for the honest "I don't love it" or "I really want and can't afford new construction with a home warranty" or "I'm scared of the mortgage payment."
[User Picture]
Date:June 2nd, 2008 09:31 pm (UTC)

I hate to think so...

Come back to look at a house again, dragging your realtor along, and not be serious? Dooooode! That's not very nice.

Altogether possible, of course, but not nice.

In any case, someone else is coming to look tomorrow. Poor Teddy: I'm not letting him play with anything messy or smelly. :(
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