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06:00 am: contingency planning
We've decided to leave the house on the market for another few weeks. If it doesn't sell (oh pleasepleaseplease let it sell!), we'll either drop the price dramatically or take it off the market until the fall, or even next spring. After all, we don't need to move for two years to be in a new town with better schools for Teddy's kindergarten. We don't need to move at all (there are plenty of good private schools around, and we are in the walk zone for two of the best elementary schools in Boston), though we'd all really like to move.

While the house is off the market, we'll do a bit more work - a bit of interior painting, maybe strip the last wallpaper (which I quite like, but it isn't as neutral as the rest of the house), get those sash cords replaced, maybe have the landscaping done, maybe have the exterior trim painted.

I'm also talking to window vendors about the cost to replace the windows, though we've pretty much decided not to do that (still, good to have the information in case it becomes pertinent during negotiation with a buyer). We like old-fashioned windows, and some people we really respect agree. Plus, it's wicked expensive to get good windows (and non-trivial to get crappy ones, which would be a nasty thing to do to the next owners).

We met the first of the vendors yesterday. Nice people, excellent product, but the sales pitch is rather... pitchy.

And shortly after they left, the realtor called about a showing. Dunno how it went yet, but I hopehopehope they liked it!

* * * * *

While the realtor was showing the house, we went to CostCo for more cleaning wipes (fantastic products, especially when you get just a couple hours' notice to clean the damned house again). We had dinner at TGIFriday's, which is Teddy's new favorite place.

I don't like TGIFriday's. At all. But if the boys are happy, I can deal. They have a few (very few) offerings for those among us who aren't 5'11" and 117 lbs, those whose new bp medicine is having marvelous side effects like oh-so-attractive bloating (that would be me :sigh: ).

So I had my dieter's special, Peter had a burger bigger than his head, and Teddy had fries, carrots, and a blue slushie. And to my delight, I found that TGIF's has little mini desserts. So Teddy had orange sherbet and I had mousse in a shot glass.

Yeah, baby!

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Date:June 20th, 2008 02:19 pm (UTC)


Hi Kate... Inge here. TGIF can work for us. My sister and I went. We got the three course meal with an extra plate and an extra side and then split the mini deserts. Just enough food and neither of us felt over stuffed.

Sorry to hear about the layoff. Good news about the proj approval.

Thinking of you.

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Date:June 20th, 2008 06:41 pm (UTC)

3-course meal?

I don't remember that one. The dieter's special was fine, and the dessert was better than I expected. As long as we don't go too often, I should get by ok.

As I'm sure you remember, layoffs here SUCK. I went through many when I was working at bigger companies, and they never had the same impact. Here, it's always going to be people you know and like, and it just HURTS on a whole 'nother level. :(

Project approval is fantastic. When I got the email, I burst into tears. I hadn't even realized I was holding so much tension about it. :)
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