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03:17 pm: downhill
Peter and I both had the impression (from separate communication with the realtor) that one of the showings today was a second look from someone who saw the house earlier in the week, which is a Very Good Sign. Unfortunately, today's post-showing message implied that both showings were to new people.


I can't talk to the realtor on the phone. I hate her Boston accent. She rambles unnecessarily. She annoys me. Email is fine, voicemail is ok, but talking to her just pisses me off. I still can't decide whether she's competent and the market is impossible or the market is impossible and she's incompetent. She's no dumber than the other realtors we've met (and there have been many), and she's smarter than some, but she doesn't give me warm fuzzies.

OTOH, I don't think I'll be happy with anyone until the house sells.

We do have another showing on Monday, so the activity hasn't stopped, but I'm getting discouraged again.

Teddy and I are heading to the Vineyard next weekend (Peter has to work, so he's staying in Boston). I hope the break will help restore my energy and confidence.

'Cause I am so sick of this.

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