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06:00 am: a new twist in the Q-tip dilemma
One of the things I hate about the process of selling our house is that everything has to be tucked away, out of sight. Books are stowed in drawers. The knick-knacks are packed away. And the Q-tips reside in the linen closet.

I'm a bit obsessed about having clean ears, so I'm particularly irked about the Q-tips.* Several times a day, I have to unlock the closet to get Q-tips. I want the Q-tips out, dammit.

So we started leaving them out, hoping it's not a slippery slope to leaving everything out again.

About twice a day, Teddy says "look Mommy!" and when I turn around, he has a Q-tip sticking out of each ear and (inexplicably) is holding one on his head like a truly peculiar cowlick.

* No matter what the company puts on the box, everyone uses Q-tips to clean ears, right?

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