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07:36 am: Gotta work on my timing
I told Teddy a couple of days ago that we were going to see Grace and Sean on Saturday. Ever since, his refrain has been "NOW we see Gracie and Sean?" "It's later NOW, Mommy!" "We gonna see Gracie and Sean TODAY, Mommy?" "It's after my nap! Let's go see Gracie and Sean!"

Oy. I think I've under-estimated the importance of surprise and over-estimated the importance of preparation.

Still... I know the sheer joy with which I'll be greeted when he awakens and asks "TODAY?" and I finally say "yes."

* * * * *

Peter took Teddy to the playground store yesterday. Teddy came back talking about kids who were "dorkfaces." To be a dorkface, apparently you have to either knock over a building or not talk.


By the way, he does consider the dorkfaces his friends. It seems that dorkface is a description of behavior rather than personality.

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