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05:40 am: busy Saturday
Teddy slept until past 8 yesterday, which I thought was fantastic at the time. I was up at 6, but I got some stuff done before going back to bed for a wee nap (ahhh! I do love a wee nap!). Peter had gone to work, so Teddy and I walked over to get the car and breakfast.

Teddy earned his Thomas barrel-loader (used the potty 40 times for that - talk about delayed gratification), so he built elaborate train setups and busily loaded and unloaded the barrels.

To my delight, he read "OIL" on the top of one barrel. We haven't actively worked on teaching him to read. We read to him a lot, of course, and sound out words periodically, but he doesn't have any reading games or software or any of that. I learned that early readers lose any advantage by the 3rd grade, so we haven't worried about it. It's no coincidence that our general approach is laid-back, as in pretty much "try not to worry about anything."

(I said "try." I did not say "succeed.")

occhi_cinesi brought baby A over in the morning, which was lovely. She (OC) listened to my kvetching about house stuff and I got to play with A. And Teddy is ever-enamored of them both. Between the exciting company and the new toy, he did. not. want. to. nap. That 8 am awakening sure came back to bite me in the butt. No nap was had. He rested. He read. He did not sleep. He came downstairs and had a hearty lunch around 3 (his regular lunch having been about as successful as the nap).

We picked up Peter at work and went on to Exciting Day, part 2: Gracie and Sean. I stopped at Isis on the way, hoping to find training pants (nope; we'll have to hit Target, I guess), which Deeply Upset the Boy. Until he realized that Isis also carries :gasp: toys. He happily window-shopped (I love that he's almost as happy looking at toys as he is buying them), then we went on our merry way.

Such a merry way it was! Teddy had a fantastic time playing with the kids. I had a fantastic time talking with Rebecca. Mayhem ensued. I think the kids pulled out every single game from the cabinet. Teddy played Bingo for the first time, and hide and seek (not too clear on the "hide" concept, what with blasting his Bingo-prize horn throughout the countdown), and rode a bike with training wheels.

...and of course had a complete meltdown when we had to leave. The lack of nap didn't help, I'm sure, though just-before-dinner is generally not his best time anyway.

He's still sleeping now, but I will wake him if he doesn't awaken on his own by 7. I'm not sacrificing the nap two days in a row.

* * * * *

Wrote the realtor first thing Friday telling her we wanted to drop the price or pull the house of the market. Heard back from her yesterday afternoon, agreeing that it's time (why am I the one who has to instigate? isn't it her job to know this stuff??). She wants to talk today. I hate talking to her. I wrote the details in an email and hope to hear back that way. Otherwise, I may ask Peter to talk to her.

If it doesn't sell in a couple of weeks, a month at most, we'll pull it off the market and try again next spring. With a new realtor.

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