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06:00 am: a very full Saturday
Teddy and I woke up late Saturday, barely in time to drive Peter to work. Since we were still in our pajamas, we skipped grocery shopping (though I have seen people shop in their PJs, mine have no pockets and I do have a tiny bit of modesty left) and did it Sunday instead.

Saturday morning, we went to Kung Fu Panda, which was fun. Not as good as Wall-E, but fun.

Once again, Teddy was fantastic. We got there quite early. Other parents seem to show up juuust before the movie, which is probably smart, but I'm fussy about where I sit. So Teddy gets some time to run around and eat some popcorn and run around some more and eat some more popcorn and run around some more, and by the time the movie starts, he's ready to sit for 90 minutes.

Even with seats that flip up easily (so he perched at the edge most of the time), he sat the whole time. While KFP is pretty violent and theoretically scary, the animation is so stylized (whereas Wall-E feels very real) that Teddy had no problems with it.

...and again, we had to stay all the way through the credits, 'til the music stopped, 'til the rating icon rolled around again. Oy.

* * * * *

After lunch and an all-too-brief nap, we headed out to a play date with :gasp: Timothy. Timothy! Timothy! Timothy!

Teddy loves Timothy.

The weather was crappy, so we stayed indoors. The boys built boats and cars and garages. They played hide 'n' seek (a variant that involved the two of them hiding together and whispering... so more like hide 'n' hide). At the end of the play date, after dinner, they finished up with a rousing game of chase. There was a wee altercation with a bat. Of course, both boys were worn out by then, so the conflict was not a surprise.

Even with that, Teddy was most upset at having to leave. He and Timothy agreed to have a sleep-over sometime. Teddy believes quite firmly that he's too little to sleep away from home, but that it would be just great if Timothy came and slept at our house. OK by me.

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