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06:00 am: house update
Our last* open house Sunday went well. 10 people came, the last of whom stayed almost a half-hour past the end of the OH. One party (dunno if it was the same one) were here for their second time, which is generally a good sign.

Two showings Friday night, one last night.

Still no offers.

8 days left on the sale.

* Last with this realtor, anyway.

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Date:August 12th, 2008 03:58 pm (UTC)

I know you don't like your realtor but...

...has she said anything about why so many people are looking but none making offers? I remember chatting with our realtor about a space (why we were going to discuss a space or what we did or didn't like about a space or what worked or didn't, etc.) and then him briefly chatting with the other realtor before leaving. "too busy of a street... too small... layout didn't work... too close to train tracks.... too high of price... too hard to heat..."

* 8 days left then Teddy can leave his toys out for a while. And you can put up your new pictures...
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Date:August 12th, 2008 07:02 pm (UTC)

Re: I know you don't like your realtor but...

When she gets feedback, she passes it along. Sometimes she doesn't get any (in fairness to her, she does always ask). I think the main thing is that it's mostly young, first-time buyers who believe they'll find something absolutely perfect if they just keep looking.

We've heard everything from windows (especially early on - not recently) to the trim in the back that needs painting to vague "needs too much work."

The vague ones piss me off (c'mon! get specific or just say "not right for us"!), but not as much as "third bedroom is too small" or "yard is too small," both of which measurements are in the damned listing. READ IT before making me clean my house! That's all I ask!

The market is bad. We've now had a couple of folks come back for second looks, but no offers. I think she gave us bad advice about pricing (we should've listed it at the price to which we dropped it the first time). It's now priced very, very competitively, but the history probably hurt us (people may be waiting to see if we drop the price again, which we won't be doing).


It's outside my control. There will be a buyer eventually, but maybe not right now. So it goes.
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