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06:21 am: My nose is not a nipple
Really, it's not. I have to find a way to convince Teddy of that, because last night he started to nurse very methodically -- first my left breast, then my right, then my nose. At first, my uncontrollable giggling was an impediment to sleep for both of us. Before long, though, I started to worry what exactly he's getting from nursing my nose (thank goodness I don't have a cold, which would make my worry a lot more immediate... and disgusting). And I quit giggling altogether because, really, having your nose nursed is only hilarious for a couple of minutes. (Especially when it ends with spit-up on your face.)

This morning (after another fussy night), Teddy woke up rarin' to go. He nursed for a while, sat in my lap, then stood up and lunged for my nose again.

He did give me some very sweet (and very wet) kisses on the mouth, too, so I guess there are tradeoffs.

But why my nose??

Current Mood: tiredam I ever not tired?
Current Music: bigcowbigcowbigcowbigcow (the pump in style)
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