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06:56 am: Ready to sit back and breeeeathe
Our contract with the realtor ends in 3 days, and we're past ready to get rid of her, past ready to take a break from this whole process.

Most of my life, I've managed to accomplish what I set out to do. Sometimes it takes years of hard work (degrees, Kenpo belts), sometimes months (pregnancy, knitting projects), weeks or days or hours, but I usually manage. I don't have a lot of experience at failure.

...and this feels like a failure. I don't like it.

We did learn from it. Mostly my (very low) tolerance for the process and the importance of a good realtor.

I don't know how much is the realtor's fault and how much is the incredibly crappy market. I do know that some houses are selling and that ours isn't one of them.

{aside: We did have a bit of excitement this weekend, in that we got an offer Friday night and had a series of counter and counter-counter offers on Saturday. But the offer and the counter-counters were way too low. Oh well.}

Unless we get another offer before Wednesday, we'll take the house off the market and figure out where we stand. Fortunately, we don't have to move (ever, if we don't want to, as Teddy is likely to get into one of the two good schools in our walk zone, and certainly not for two years). So we've spent three months of our lives on the lessons learned.

The realtor is, no doubt, a fuckwit. She gave us bad advice on pricing, which is especially critical in this market. She doesn't know our town as well as she claimed (she's from the next town over, which is not part of Boston and is very different). I found out during the weekend excitement that she got feedback from potential buyers that she didn't pass on ("I don't want to be negative!"). And she didn't know that the assessed value of our house has apparently dropped almost $45,000* (the listing shows the old assessed value).

I'm going to interview a couple of other, recommended realtors. I'll find out how they would sell our house, what they would recommend as an asking price, what they would suggest for improvements, and whether they know West Roxbury. Peter and I will assess what we think, and decide whether to put the house back on the market this fall, next year, or ever (in the near term).

In the meantime, I relish the idea of returning to normalcy. I don't like the person I've been during this process. I haven't handled the stress well. I'm boring. It's been house, house, house all the time, with nothing else.

And I want my damned books back. They've been packed away in the attic for months, so I can't reach for one. I feel as though my oldest, dearest friends have been imprisoned... or that I have.

* I'm confirming this tomorrow, as I didn't know either. The mortgage company pays our taxes. I did receive a refund check last week, but I get one every year.

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Date:August 17th, 2008 01:46 pm (UTC)
it sucks that you've had to go through all of this, ugh. take a breather and find a realtor who has a few more brain cells... maybe ask how many homes in the area they've sold in the past 6 months...?
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