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06:00 am: quick updates
Busy week. Goin' house hunting this weekend.

Recent stuff:

Peter and Teddy were getting free papers on Center Street. Teddy saw a newspaper box from which Peter had not yet got a paper and suggested that they get one.

"That one costs 75¢ Teddy - that's 3 quarters."

"Quarters are for TOYS," Teddy replied, horrified.

* * *

Teddy has started using ordinal numbers! Correctly!

* * *

He's still wearing diapers at night and for long car trips, but they're consistently dry when he wakes up/when we arrive. He's had very, very few wet or dirty diapers. We almost never throw out a diaper because it's been used, but rather because it's ragged from being worn so long and taken on and off so much.

He still does a maddening pee dance (er... that's maddening dance, not maddening pee) when he has to go sometimes, and denies that he has to go, but he doesn't have accidents. Dunno why all the drama (genetics?), but we're all coping pretty well.

Inexplicably, his favorite underpants have pictures of the Hulk. er... what?

* * *

I finished Sears' vaccine book. It's quite a good read, to my surprise. Simple, straightforward language. Good organization. Non-judgmental presentation of a contentious subject. Really quite good. I wish I'd read it sooner, as I would've used Sears' alternative vaccination schedule.

Fortunately, Teddy hasn't had any bad reactions. :phew:

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Date:September 3rd, 2008 05:31 pm (UTC)

Here Too!

Obviously I'm quite behind, but for what it is worth, Nicolas sometimes does the pee dance as well and yet denies that he has to go. Rarely does he ever have an accident, but I'll never understand why he doen't go when he clearly needs to and puts up such a fuss when we try to tell him that we KNOW he has to go. Sigh. Must be some kind of control thing that they hopefully will outgrow quickly. Now if only Jackson would potty train in the next 5 weeks before the baby comes I would only have 1 child in diapers. Not bloody likely.
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Date:September 3rd, 2008 06:15 pm (UTC)

I think you're right: it's a control thing

It drives me nuts. Much as I try to stay cool and calm, I suspect he knows it drives me nuts, and thus it satisfies some need in him.


Oh well. This too shall pass. Everything does, eventually.
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