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03:53 pm: House Shopping, part 12786, day 1 (Longmeadow)
Knocked six off the list. Today was proof positive that pictures are deceptive. Still, each rejected house had things we did like: gorgeous yard and great house set-up, but oooold roof and WAY hideous carpet (we're talkin' bright red, bright green, and bilious yellow)... and the price too high to bother fixing up; great price, decent size, tiny yard, and total cosmetic do-over required; big, beautiful yard and small, shoddy house; ok house, not-so-good neighborhood; etc.

Two serious contenders remain, plus one we already liked and nine we've not seen inside (drive-by indicates they're at least worth looking at - and making owners clean... oh, the guilt!).

Tomorrow before 1:00, we'll see six in Amherst and two in Pelham. There's also an open house back in Longmeadow (ONE open house! geez!) that we may scoot back to see

Monday, we'll be back in Longmeadow to see as many as ten more.
We're staying at the Clarion in West Springfield, which is the best of the cheap hotels where we've stayed in the area. Pool, spa, and two restaurants. Also a Python* conference, I think.

* The language, not the snake. :shudder:

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Date:August 24th, 2008 08:40 pm (UTC)

carpet and cons

My impression was that carpet was easy and fairly inexpensive to change -- seems like hardly a dealbreaker to me. Especially if you can see beyond the carpet, which many buyers seem to be incapable of. (good thing for us as buyers -- it meant that other people couldn't see the value of the house we eventually bought.)

I think the Con was a big nerd con -- 3-Pi. I follow a bunch of webcomics whose authors were attending it.

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Date:August 24th, 2008 10:50 pm (UTC)

Re: carpet and cons

I can't have carpet at all, at least where I sleep (allergies/asthma). Though this particular house had hardwood under the carpet, there was a LOT of carpet that had clearly been in place for 30+ years, which means refinishing the hardwood beneath. Which is a pain in the ass and very messy.

And the carpet matched the heinous wallpaper. Also messy and tedious, though quite doable.

More important, though, was that the roof is in rough shape... and it's slate.

And the whole kit-and-kaboodle is too expensive to bother with all that. For the money, we can get something in much, much better shape.
Date:August 25th, 2008 02:27 am (UTC)

Re: carpet and cons

Right, carpet bad -- I think I knew that, but didn't register when I read the post. And yeah, roof and $$$... eff that.

I guess prices make no sense in Western Mass too! So glad we're done with that business for a while.
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