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07:02 am: Teddy the Astronomer
My parents gave Teddy a bag of gorgeous glass marbles. As I write this, he's sitting at my feet, playing with "the planets," the crocodile I knit him, and Pandulak*.

* * * * *

I had planned to go into the office today (with Teddy) to work on two computers simultaneously (doing data migration - completely boring, but must be watched for errors). Unfortunately, I've been awake since 3:30 and would not feel safe driving.

On the other hand, I did start transferring data on the one machine at around 4:00, which gives me about a 4 hour head-start. I can go to the office tomorrow if there's too much left to do one machine after today.

Heads up: bad parenting ahead. I can't leave the frickin' computer for very long, so Teddy will be playing astronomer, builder, and artist in my home office today. We'll be reading and watching videos, too.

Oh well.

* Czech for "boy doll," which is what we call the crazy knit doll Peter's parents gave Teddy. The thing is a leeettle freaky. Teddy ritually throws Pandulak and a similar knit monkey on the floor before he takes a nap every day. He is considerably more gentle with the crocodile. Which is good, 'cause then I don't have to kill him.

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