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06:00 am: Conversation as I dressed for the wedding
"Mommy, why do your shoes have sticks?"

"Those are heels, honey. They're supposed to make Mommy's legs look nicer." (Teddy doesn't remember ever having seen me in heels.)

"You look like a black woman."

"Those are pantyhose, honey." (Or in pantyhose.)

"You look fabulous! Why are you fabulous?" (Or looking fabulous.)

"I'm going to a wedding."

"What's a wedding?"

"It's when two people get married."

"Are you getting married?"

"No, Teddy. I'm going to watch my friend Marc get married."

"Why are you going to watch Marc get married?"

"Because he's my friend and I want to be there for an important thing in his life."

"Mommy, I have a question for you."

"Yes Teddy?"

"Could you twirl some more, please?"

We boogied to James Brown until my ride came. Teddy especially loved it when I spun and made my dress twirl up.

I drove to NH with a friend, who was running a bit late. So I waited outside and hopped in the car when she arrived. Teddy and Peter ran along the sidewalk, calling out "bye! bye! I love you! bye!"

Very sweet. (Although I learned when I got home that Teddy then fell down and skinned both knees. Poor kid.)

I drove back from NH with a different friend, jenches. She came in briefly to meet Peter and Teddy, then left. Teddy wouldn't say goodbye, but stood at the window.

"What happened to her white car?"

"It's a different friend, honey. She drives a different car."

"Oh. BYE! BYE! BYE! Why isn't she saying goodbye?"

"She can't hear you or see you. She said goodbye before she left, remember?"


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