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09:11 am: "Solid as a Rock"
Our inspector likes the new house. I should receive the report shortly.

The furnace doesn't need replacing (though it's old and not as efficient as newer models, it'll keep chugging along), but the water heater needs it badly. The gutters aren't in great shape, the windows should be replaced for maximum efficiency, and one bedroom has two cracks in the walls (so the garage over which it's built could maybe use somewhat better support, though it's in no way dangerous).

I'll be in the office most of the weekend, scrambling for go-live Tuesday. I'm only running two computers at the moment, but I think I ought to grab another.

I feel as though I'm in one of those old clips from the Ed Sullivan show... y'know, the one with the guy running back and forth, keeping all the plates spinning.

The next few weeks are going to be vewy vewy stwessful.

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