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05:23 am: ups and downs
Up: My system went live last night/this morning. No major glitches. Few minor ones. It was a scramble to get there, but it's live. :phew: After 2.5 years, it's aLIVE. Halle-freakin'-lujah.

Down: I don't have a signed offer from the seller of what's supposedly our new house. I have an oral agreement (including all terms - including the closing date of 10/15), but no signed offer. I've paid out about $1,000 in inspections, another trip out there, and overnight postage fees, but no signed offer. My big fat deposit check is sitting at the realtor's office, but no signed offer.

For once, Peter's optimistic and I'm convinced the seller's planning to ditch us. Peter points out that this seller just seems to do things at the last minute. It's harrowing on my nerves, but is not necessarily an indication that we've lost $1K and need to scramble to offer for house #2.

Legally, we're entitled to scrap the whole thing... but so is the seller. And we're the ones who are out all the cash (I would get my deposit back, of course).

Up: The seller did agree to an inspection for a buried oil tank, which he was balking on. If a tank is found, it's his responsibility to get rid of it (regardless of who the buyer is). (a) This means the issue is addressed and (b) I believe it's an indication that maybe he's not planning to ditch us.

Down: I've been awake since 4 am, worrying about this whole thing.

Up: Teddy's still sleeping. He went to sleep by himself last night. He'll get lots of practice in the next couple of weeks, as I'm teaching every week night.

Up&Down: The seller's including all appliances in the sale. We'll get a swell new fridge and a somewhat crappy washer and dryer. I've offered ours to our buyer. If she doesn't want them, we'll sell the fridge and take the washer and dryer. Selling the fridge at just the right time could be a PITA, however.

Another month 'til things settle down. Lord willing and the creek don't rise (and Mr. Last Minute gets his act together), and we'll be in the process of unpacking. It's not the most fun thing in the world, but it's better than packing.

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