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06:00 am: Panic at 12:52
Teddy woke up whining at 12:52 this morning. He was clearly uncomfortable, but couldn't articulate how. His belly didn't hurt. His head didn't hurt. He said his throat hurt, but then denied it. Still, the weird throat-clearing noises made me nervous.

We've recently tried blue cheese dressing again, which gave him allergic reactions a couple of years ago. He hasn't reacted recently, but I worried that he was having some delayed-onset response (I don't think all that clearly at 12:52, ok? especially when I've been working 80-hour weeks).

After a few minutes, it occurred to me: allergy season. Poop. So I gave him a Benadryl, made him drink some water, and he went right back to sleep. No more whining or funky throat-clearing noises.

Why do these things never happen at, say, 7:52?

Oh well.

* * * * *

My lawyer's reviewing the draft P&S from the seller's lawyer. Progress! I'll feel better when the damned thing is signed.

* * * * *

The fit hit the shan with my new system last night. Slooooooowed dooooooown to a craaaaaaawl. Dammit. Rebooting the app and db servers resolved the problem, but I had to re-schedule a training session. The load on the (very sweet, speedy) boxes should be orders of magnitude below what would be required to have caused the problem. I'm thinking maybe a corrupted index? Dunno. Here's hoping we're done with the problem. I don't need more caca right now.

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