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08:35 pm: good gracious there's a lot of paperwork involved in buying a house
I've signed a crapload of documents to put this house on the market, agree to the offer, finalize the P&S, and to get my new mortgage. I'll be signing the P&S as soon as the attorneys agree to the rider. I'll be signing a power of attorney so I don't have to show up at the closings, in addition to the stack o' paperwork required for the closing itself. Heaven knows I'll be signing checks.

We already knew that the day we move is the last day to register to vote. Cool, we're already registered. But if you move, you have to re-register.

So we're going to have to skeedaddle our way over to Longmeadow Town Hall to re-register. I hope they'll take a copy of some part of the closing paperwork as proof that we live there. What a pain in the tuchis (which I always thought was tuches, but the Yiddish dictionary assures me I had wrong).

* * * * *

When the P&S is signed, we'll head back out to Longmeadow to measure rooms and start to figure out where to put furniture.

#1 priority?

The stereo and the CDs, of course. We're spoiled with built-in shelves here. I don't know that built-ins will work in the new house (dunno that they won't, either, but we won't be getting them any time soon). The research I've done online indicates that there's no single piece of furniture or shelving that will house our collection. We may use two units back-to-back as a room divider in the living room (there's an alcove at one end that would work nicely as a reading/chatting area with a couple of club chairs and a table).

This is the fun part.

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