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05:58 am: Some of my best friends are lawyers
OK, one of my good friends is a lawyer. I've had friends in the past who were lawyers. I expect to have friends in the future who are lawyers (I suppose).

But I am fed up with lawyers.

The seller of our new house is a lawyer. He takes forever to make decisions (and go forward), to review documents (and decide they're ok), and to sign documents (finally). He took until the last minute to agree to our offer. He only signed the offer last week. Now he's saying his lawyer needs to give him the okay before he'll sign the P&S.

His lawyer wrote the P&S and agreed to all my lawyer's changes. His lawyer is the one who gave my lawyer the go-ahead to get it signed. (His lawyer also does not seem to have any sense of urgency.)

I do need people (Mum?) to remind me that he's only had the thing for one business day. But dude! We're moving out of our house in two weeks. SIGN THE PAPERS ALREADY.


I do like my lawyer, thank goodness.

* * * * *

Teddy came into my office a few minutes ago.

[pitter patter pitter patter]


"Teddy, you need to sleep. It's not morning yet." [I can wish, can't I?]

"I was lonely!"

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