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06:00 am: Boston Polyglot
No doubt: I'll miss Boston when we move. Family and friends most of all, of course, but also cultural opportunities (not that we've availed ourselves of them recently), diverse restaurants, diverse people...

On the train and T yesterday, I heard plenty of English, but also Mandarin, Swedish, French, Italian, German, and a few languages I didn't recognize. Perhaps for the first time since I moved back from Florida, I really relished the experience. I didn't just let the words roll over me, but listened with joy and intent.

Longmeadow is not as diverse, and I will miss that. I hope I'll make a point of enjoying what's in Boston whenever I'm back (at least once a month). Those I come to visit, please remind me of my plan. Don't let me get lazy and choose Bertucci's (there's one in Longmeadow) or a mainstream movie to enjoy together. Your company will mean more than the venue or event; combining your company with something not easily available in my new hometown will just add to the experience.

I know there are things in Western Mass that I'll also enjoy: Tanglewood, farms, whatever's happening in Springfield or Hartford (or more likely, Amherst or Northampton).

But it won't be Boston.

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