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06:00 am: The last drive home to Boston
As we arrived in Boston yesterday, I realized that it was the last time we'd be driving home from Longmeadow. Next time, we'll be driving away from home.

Very weird feeling.

We're counting down, starting to experience other last times. Tonight will be our last Tuesday night in the house. OK, so that's not the most remarkable event, but it's still a "last." We'll be moving out a week from today. I hope we'll be moving into the new house a week from tomorrow (timing on the closing still isn't set - if it's too late in the day, the moving company will come the following day).

I've scheduled the cutoffs on everything except our cable service. Our seller is late on doing a few things (shocking!), and ComCast won't schedule a transfer of service until he's notified them that he's moving. Fortunately, my internet access is through ComCast's business division instead of the residential division, so that's scheduled already.

I'll see the lawyer today to sign the deed and the power of attorney for the closing on the West Roxbury house. I'm hoping I'll see her again in a few days to sign the paperwork for the closing on the Longmeadow house (so I won't have to attend, but the mortgage company has to provide my lawyer with paperwork in advance for that to happen).

The weather is currently scheduled for gorgeousness when we move out and drizzles when we move in. This being New England, I fully expect that to change several times before the days arrive.

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