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11:47 am: here comes the tricky bit
Packing his room: his clothes, his books, his toys.

"But I neeeeed it!"

"If we don't pack it, you won't have it for the new house."

"We can pack it later. I'll help!"

Uh huh. I'm looking forward to that variation on packing.

Packers are coming 7:30 am Monday.
Movers are coming 7:30 am Tuesday.
I'm going to the lawyer's office to sign papers 10 am Tuesday.
The cleaner is coming 4:00 pm Tuesday.
We're leaving Newton 8 am Wednesday.
We're walking through the new house 10 am Wednesday.
We're moving into the new house around noon Wednesday (I hope).
Electricians are coming 7:30 am Thursday.
Cable TV is coming 3:00 pm Thursday.
ISP is coming Friday. Of course they won't be specific about time. Or even day - it may be Monday.

It's gonna be a busy week.

Current Location: Boston for 3 more days
Current Mood: tiredtired
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