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01:45 pm: The long and whining road
We're in Longmeadow. The movers are still doing their thing. We're going to be in a state of flux for a while, both unpacking and unwinding from all the stress.

And there was a lot of stress. I took Teddy to King Richard's Faire on Monday while the movers packed (most of) the last of our stuff. He had a pretty good time, though he's still too young to really get the full experience. He rode a pony for the first time, and saw most of the tiger show and some of the jousting. He went to Pirates 101 and got his pirates badge (though he declined to participate in the oath, he stood right up front - by himself - and watched very carefully). He ate about 25% of a whoopie pie as big as his head. Mostly, he wanted to be With Chris Now.

His admission was free, but I'd forgotten that they charge for everything else at the Faire except the shows: rides are $3, the maze is $2 (bruised my coccyx on the slide outta there), pony rides $5, food is outrageous (and food tickets can only be bought in $5 increments, a scam if ever I saw one). He is now sure he wants to grow up and be a knight (supplanting his former ambition to work at CVS like Daddy). So Mommy (aka The Sucker) bought him a knight's vest - it must be this one, not that one or that other one. Never mind that this one is three sizes too big and costs $45.

Oh well. It'll be his Halloween costume (The Sucker also bought him a wooden sword, a relative bargain at $8), unless he decides he still wants to be a dragon despite his costume being a size too small.

Yesterday, I took him to the lawyer's office, where he was very well behaved indeed, and then to the Children's Museum, which was a blast.

Then we came home. The movers were gone. The cleaner was due to arrive in about an hour. And it was a mess. The movers didn't move a bunch of stuff that they'd said they would move... including our lawnmower, a shop vacuum, some small furniture, and a couple of boxes of books.

I lost my shit. LOST IT. I only have hysterics maybe once every couple of years, and this was My Time. My mood was not helped by calling the number in an email from the moving company and getting someone who'd never heard of them. Visions of losing everything danced in my head.

So I lost it. Went nutso. Called the moving company (fortunately, had a wireless card and thus could get online to get their 800 #, where I left a voicemail - also sent an urgent email). Called my folks, who were very helpful in calming me down. When the movers called back, I pointedly stated my objections, and they said Peter approved it all and neener neener.

Ultimately, Peter was the biggest help. I think he felt kind of defensive at first (because he was the one supervising the movers), but I must say that he stepped up and worked his bitty butt off. He took three runs to a local (unnamed) dumpster to throw out stuff we'd planned (perhaps stupidly) to move and one of the runs to my folks' house to leave stuff there. He folded up all the boxes the movers left behind and crammed them into the recycle bin. He was terrific.

We cleaned everything up. The cleaner arrived and performed magic. It got done.

We arrived at the new house this morning, which is in beautiful shape. And the movers were already here. The movers, who weren't supposed to arrive until noon, were here before we got here at 10:15. I'd better not be charged for any waiting time, because I do have the email (and reply) in which I specifically told them noon (again, they said Peter said 10 was fine).


So after the world's quickest walk-through (our realtor had already checked it more thoroughly), I let 'em in. And in. And in. Ad infinitum (or so it feels). I honestly don't know how we stored all this stuff in a house half this size.

There are new file cabinets and book cases in our very near future.


Oh... and our selling realtor (the fucktard) called (repeatedly) in the middle of my walk-though to tell me that our buyer objected to the stuff we left in the basement.

I can totally see why she'd object to some chemicals and stuff. I'd meant to get them disposed of and forgot. But the doors? Solid wood, original to the house? The storm windows? The screens for the porch? What is she, STUPID?


So there's now $500 in escrow until she gets the stuff carted away. Fuck it.

At least our seller is nice. Left us three stools (we only paid him for one), all the window treatments (some of which I don't want, but most of which are quite nice), a little color TV for the kitchen (there's a built-in nook for it), a nice phone, the recycling schedule, and even a notice about a book club on our new street.

We were nice too, though I'm now thinking about regretting it. We left the house immaculately clean. She got our lawnmower and shop vacuum (not that we planned it, but still!). We left menus for local restaurants. We even left a (cheap) bottle of champagne in the fridge.

But y'know? At least I know I did everything I possibly could to try to make things nice for her (except the chemicals, oops). I prefer to feel that way.

And karma has no reason to bite me in the ass, either.

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Date:October 15th, 2008 10:14 pm (UTC)
Congratulations! YoMaMa and YoPaPa are relieved for all three of you! May your knights in shining armor continue to shine. We can hardly wait to see you all. Must make a plan!
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