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02:11 pm: getting closer...
I've put away most of the CDs and the DVDs. We had to make a run to Enfield to Home Depot (disposer, various hooks to hang things from, etc.) and Target (DVD racks [turns out the ones we have don't fit DVDs except on the top bar, oops], trash can for Teddy's playroom, etc). Peter's doing CostCo today. I ordered a coat rack from the interwebs.

I can't find push plates any place, but my local hardware store says they can order them. Maybe they're really called something else? I dunno. They're the plates you push on a swinging door (to keep from soiling or wearing out the wood, I suppose). Our dining room door has a glass plate... just one because the other broke our first day here. I know I've seen 'em in brass; ideally, I'd like to find brushed nickel. But that means finding them at all. :sigh:

The cable guy is due today. Given Comcast's record, I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't show up.

The roof man came today to make sure we're ok for flashing (we are). The plumber's coming tomorrow to install the disposer and fix the vent pipe. The gas man's coming tomorrow to look at our madly hissing heaters. The weird electrician's coming back later this week to hook up the disposer, do some GFIs (I hope - he may decide something lower on the list is more interesting), fix the doorbell, and check some dead switches. The handyman will clean out the gutters and so some miscellaneous stuff within the next couple of weeks.

Bookcases and some file cabinets will arrive this week. We're going to refuse delivery on some other file cabinets 'cause I was charged more per cabinet than was advertised for the three together. :grr:

I got a referral from the gas man for a plumber who may install tankless water heaters. He (the gas man) doesn't recommend them because "the water's too cold around here to heat up well without a tank." When I told him we had a tankless heater in Boston, he suggested the water is colder here.

er... I doubt it.

There are a couple more boxes to empty in Teddy's playroom. I need to sort through a dozen or so boxes of clothes, most of which had been stored in the old attic and will probably end up at Goodwill. When the filing cabinets and bookcases arrive, we'll finish unpacking my office and the basement. My folks are coming to visit this weekend (w00t!), and I hope to finagle their help on placing art around the house.

We may get close to finishing before I head back to work full-time (I've been putting in an hour or so a day).

I hope so, 'cause it took me 11 years to unpack at the old house.

And I want to have time to switch just about every light switch and fixture in this house. That's gonna take years. This is a great house with fabulous bones. The moldings are wonderful. The woodwork is gorgeous. But the previous owner is either cheap or has horrible taste - the lights are wicked ugly (and sometimes downright weird - two small sconces in the whole living room? a ceiling fan in a 3'x5' hallway outside a closet? wtf?). So as we can afford new ones, we'll trade up.

Good gracious I'm tired.

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