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12:50 pm: Duh
Here's some of the stuff we've done wrong recently:

  • Priced our house too high (see item below)
  • Hired the wrong realtor, who recommended we price our house too high and proceeded to drive me stark-raving batshit crazy 'cause she's a fucktarded, fuckwitted moron
  • Had Peter stay home with the movers while I took Teddy out, when I was the one who'd arranged everything with the movers, which then left the opening for them to tell him different things from what they'd told me
  • Forgot to have the nasty chemicals in the old house disposed of (though in truth I think the buyer would have balked at anything left - this is the dimwit who didn't want the storm or screen windows, after all)
  • Moved the sofa by myself, marking and perhaps damaging the floor
  • Failed to check the receipt for the file cabinets I bought, thus meaning I had to refuse them when they were delivered (I was charged more for one than I was supposed to pay for all three)
  • Didn't realize we had a disposer, even waking my parents to ask for their recommendations for the one I was buying and then had to return when the plumber pointed out we already had one
  • Installed a new strip of hooks inside the guest room closet door with screws poking out the front of the door
  • Bought a battery-powered light for the same closet, not realizing there was already a light there
  • Told Teddy he could pick whatever pears he wanted at the store, not noticing that one kind cost three times as much as all the others, which of course was the kind he wanted
  • Called the lawn guy from the list of service providers that was left for us instead of from the post-it the realtor gave me (the list was from the people who sold the house to the guy from whom we bought it), thus completely confusing the poor man, who insisted not only had he not been paid for the remainder of the season, but also he'd never done work here
  • At the end of the one day since we've moved that I actually felt good, unpacked box after box of books and proceeded to wrench my back again
  • Failed to learn lessons from the first bookcase we put together and screwed up the second even worse (same exact - granted, crappy - design)
  • Let loose with out-of-control hollering when my voice was almost gone already

...and that's just the stuff I remember offhand. There's lots more.

Many thanks to the lovely, talented, and wicked smart Mama Likes to Jitterbug for a post that was long overdue.

This one's for you, Steve. :)

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Date:October 22nd, 2008 09:31 pm (UTC)

You think you do stupid things?

you should see your mama!

[User Picture]
Date:October 23rd, 2008 03:01 am (UTC)

Now I'm waiting for the....

...list of things you've done so well...



[User Picture]
Date:October 23rd, 2008 01:16 pm (UTC)

if I think of some, I'll let you know

In the mean time, enjoy the sound of the crickets. ;)
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