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06:00 am: Somebunny loves us
A rabbit dined in our backyard last night. This was not some scrawny, pathetic, urban bunny; this was a fat and sassy country bunny.

We did occasionally see a rabbit in our neighborhood in West Roxbury (though never in our yard), but it was always sadly skinny. For all I know, it was always the same sad, skinny rabbit. Peter joked that it followed us to Longmeadow, where it could fatten up.

{For the Haneys amongst you, this reminded me of our jokes that the Coon family - Coonte Kinte, Rosemary Cooney, and Rosemary's Babies - would line up with their belongings bundled into handkerchiefs (and hanging from a stick over each little shoulder), to join us for the trip to the Vineyard in the spring.}

In any case, we've definitely left the city behind.

Teddy gazed out the window at the bunny, laughing and laughing as Peter talked about him... how he was filling up his belly and going home to show the other bunnies how big his belly got.

{For the Haneys again: Peter is a Haney by not marriage, not birth. You can tell because he thinks poking his nonexistent belly out and exclaiming that he stuffed himself is hilarious. Teddy thinks so too.}

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