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06:00 am: The Christmas tree is up
Not decorated, but up. So that's something.

It's a lovely tree, though somewhat small, which is perfect. Teddy picked it, and he thinks it's a very big tree. We have space for a big tree in the new house, but I don't wanna deal with it just yet. The tricky bit will be decided which ornaments to leave off.

* * * * *

The upholsterer did a fantastic job on the little rocking chair. We have tons of leftover fabric, which I'm hoping Mum will make into a couple of large floor pillows.

* * * * *

I wanna do a photo tour of the house (to send to my in-laws and anyone else who's interested), but I haven't had the chance. Hell, I haven't sent out pictures of Teddy all year.


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Date:December 2nd, 2008 11:12 pm (UTC)
We get live trees too. I've always had them (except when in an apartment) and always wanted them. Though they can be a pain. We are planning on getting our tree next weekend. I'll show you mine if you show me yours!

If we lived closer, I'd love to do your window treatments and cushions (if you needed any)!

You should post your photo tour of the house here. I would just drool!
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Date:December 3rd, 2008 12:34 am (UTC)

love live trees!

Especially cutting our own. The fake ones are environmentally hellacious and they don't smell good.

As soon as we get ours decorated, I'll post a picture here.

Our house came with window treatments, which I'm not supposed to have anyway (dust allergies). We've left up the sheers and a few others and recycled the rest. The chair we just had re-done (and the two cushions I did myself... I can't sew on a machine but I'm a bad ass with a staple gun) are only upholstered pieces (allergies again).

I don't actually know where you're located! If it's remotely convenient, I'll definitely remember your mad skilz (I've seen your Etsy shop) when we need more done. In fact, how do you feel about doing large pillows?

I plan to take too many house pictures to post here, but I'll let you know when the Shutterfly album is ready. If you send (or post) me your email address, I'll send you the link. :)
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