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06:00 am: could my son be... pregnant?
(aka "One of those blog posts he'll hate later")

Teddy's potty trained, but it's very... strange.

Don't get me wrong: he goes on the potty. It's the ritual around it that's strange. And not just the clutching of the groin, insisting he doesn't have to go (followed 30 seconds later by insisting that he. must. go. now!) He's become very weird about potty smells.*

Not that anyone likes potty smells (no one I've ever known, anyway), but Teddy gags. He must have "anti-stinky" (deodorizer) sprayed before he'll go. Heaven forbid if someone doesn't flush. No "if it's yellow, let it mellow" in this house. Oh no!

:gag, gag:

So he does the potty dance, denies having to go, insists he has to go, drags us to the potty.
We flush if necessary, spray anti-stinky.
He goes.
We spray again.
We wash our hands.

If he sits down, he holds a solid anti-stinky (found at the local hardware store and amazingly effective) under his nose the whole time, gagging dramatically if he has to put it down for a second. He puts the anti-stinky on the floor so that it's right in front of his face during the wiping/downward dog.


We were so careful not to make a big deal of potty training. When he's ready, he's ready. If he has an accident, it's no big deal. We sang "everybody poops." So mellow. So low-key.

And this is what we have: a ritual around spraying anti-stinky. Oy.

From what I can tell, he's just fine at school (other than wanting privacy, which is also fine).

* My sense of smell was very keen when I was pregnant with him, and seems to have stayed more acute since. Thus the query in my subject line.

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