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07:07 am: I like your friends!
Me too, Teddy. :)

Friends Donna and Pat came for our Christmas get-together yesterday. I got the tree kinda sorta finished and the desserts baked and was able to relax and enjoy their visit. (Lazy me got pizza, so lunch was a non-issue.)

We've known each other for 15 (!?) years, and it's lovely to slip into conversation with old friends. Both are wonderful with Teddy, who dominated the occasion rather more than I'd planned. He and Peter had a picnic lunch in his playroom, but Teddy came trotting downstairs afterward, instead of staying up to play.

For a kid who starts out shy, he sure likes to be in the middle of things.

Fortunately, it didn't snow (snow! Teddy's going to be thrilled when he finds out) until sometime last night, so I trust they had a safe and relatively swift trip back to Boston.

Today, we're off to visit wendymarques. Teddy woke up a while ago for a few minutes just to ask "is today the day we visit Nicolas and Jackson?" When I said yes, but that it was early and he should go back to sleep so he has energy to play with them, he asked "are Nicolas and Jackson still sleeping? Is their baby sister?" When I said yes (and "I hope so," respectively), he rolled over and went back to sleep.


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