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07:45 am: The Sleep Saga Continues
I've now read three books on getting your child to sleep (I'll post reviews later today), and have been working on implementing the sensible bits for several days. We've been trying to start Teddy's night-time routine a bit earlier, though that may be stupid. (We were already starting by 7, with him consistently asleep by 7:30 or 8; starting at 6:30 doesn't seem to be helping much, particularly as he's still not falling asleep until 7:30 or 8.) He did sleep until 7:30 one day, and 'til 7:15 this morning, so we're going to continue with the earlier routine for another week or so, to give it a fair shot.

Because the noise of neighborhood children playing consistently distracts him, we've also been putting on soothing CDs -- ocean, humpback whales, etc. That's definitely helping. We're deliberately varying it so he doesn't depend on any one thing to get him to sleep.

We're doing the bed-crib sidecar arrangement, which may be benefiting Peter more than anyone, since he gets the big bed all to himself.

Perhaps most important, I'm listening far more carefully to Teddy's noises, to make sure that I'm not the one waking him up if he's just restless. Last night, I carefully ignored him 2 or 3 times, and he went back to sleep on his own. Woo hoo!

And then there was the 3-to-lord-knows-when shift (it was probably 3:30 or 4, but it felt like 5 to me). He stirred, and I ignored him, keeping my back to him. He moved a bit, but was mostly quiet.

And then I felt those sweet little hands in my hair, as he pulled himself up to a stand. I didn't scream or start, but kept very still. He has, after all, done this in his sleep before.

No such luck. He progressed rapidly to fully awake. When he started really thrashing, I put him back into the crib, where he proceeded to crawl back and forth like a caged lion. Then he started trying to climb the crib walls, like a caged monkey. And thumping the crib mattress, like a caged gorilla.

Ignore. Ignore. Ignore.

He started talking, like a caged, um... consultant. And talking. And talking. And crawling. And climbing. And talking. And cruising. He pulled a piece of the plastic teething guard off the crib rail to chew on it. Oh well, I guess that's more or less what it's for. He pulled apart the mesh bumper that's there to keep him from getting a foot stuck in the rails.

And BOOM! Inevitably, in his fatigue, he fell. And started crying like a caged baby. So I nursed him for a while. He calmed down, rolled over, and fell deep asleep. Right next to me. In the single bed.

We'll keep trying.

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