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07:25 pm: oh, the confusion
We've tried to teach Teddy some Czech. My plan had been to have Peter talk to him in Czech and me talk to him in English, but that didn't work out (Peter thinks in English now, so it would've been a huge burden on him). But still, we use certain Czech words very consistently, and Teddy's good at sorting things out.

The only thing is, any non-English language is Czech to Teddy. And any word he makes up. "Blee-Blo is 'tree' in Czech."

Um... nope.

They teach French at his pre-school. Today he brought home a marionette he made, with a little tag from the French teacher explaining what words they'd learned in making the puppets.

"Did you put on the hands, Teddy?" I asked.

"Yes! And the sugar!"


"Sugar is hair in Czech!"

er... what?

"Cheveux? Cheveux is hair in French."

"SUGAR is hair in Czech."

"Truly, Teddy, it's cheveux. In French."


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Date:December 13th, 2008 04:22 pm (UTC)


My grandson the linguist (he gets the gene from me, l'enfant pauvre!
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