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06:30 pm: Back in the swing of things
After a (mostly) leisurely (mostly) vacation, we're back to our normal schedule. I'm back to work. Teddy's back at school, though he's now an "upstairs friend" (he's been moved to a reading group with older kids).

I'm lucky: I love my job. Even so, I've always preferred vacation. But this time, I'm actually sorta relieved to be back at work. I felt a bit at loose ends during my vacation. We didn't go anywhere (except to see my folks for Christmas) and didn't do much of anything (art projects with Teddy, a few little things around the house). I didn't want to do much of anything, 'cause this was my chance for down-time. My last vacation, after all, was spent packing and moving, and that (dear friends) is not a vacation, no matter what I put on my time card.

I couldn't have gone all that far anyway, both because the buck stops with me on our KM system (so I have to be somewhat available to answer any questions and fix any problems) and because I was sick most of my vacation. I think my body holds out 'til I can afford to rest, then all the germs come home to roost.

Oh... and we had a couple of major snow storms, too. So we stuck close to home. It was a bummer that Teddy was also sick, so we couldn't go out to frolic in the snow and make snowpeople and snow angels and have snowball fights.

I read a lot (mostly junk, but some stuff for work), slept a lot, just hung out. I checked off almost everything on my to-do list (still haven't done the photo tour, sorry), so I was a teeny tiny bit productive, but not very.

It felt good to just chill. But it feels good to be back to normal, too.

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Date:January 12th, 2009 03:28 pm (UTC)
My body totally does the "attack you when you have a minute of downtime" trick too. I think it's nature's way of telling us not to take a break.....either that or telling us not to work so hard.

hope you're feeling better by now!
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Date:January 12th, 2009 06:10 pm (UTC)

one or the other

Thanks, I am. Now Teddy's sick again. Oh, the joys of preschool!
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