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06:00 am: "my pee-pee hurts"
Teddy learned penis, not pee-pee, but he and Peter started some crazy joke that involves Teddy dancing around and gleefully singing "I got little pee-pee."


I don't understand the male mind, but I try to accept it.

Anyhoo, Teddy has recently developed extremely dry skin. For the past week, I've been slathering him in lotion a couple of times a day, which seems to help. We were at my folks' house for a couple of days (thanks, folks!) because I needed to be in the office. And Peter forgot to do Teddy's lotion.

His cheek is bleeding from dried and cracked skin. He has several patches on his hand. And one patch on his penis.

So he woke up yesterday saying his pee-pee hurt and that it helped to hold it (but don't touch it! touching it hurts! I'm not entirely clear on the difference between holding it and touching it). He wanted to be naked, which struck me as a singularly bad idea when it's 17 degrees out. He finally accepted a diaper with tissues carefully packed in the front, then clothes over that.


So the slathering continues and the healing begins.

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