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06:00 am: 25 things you might not know about me (cross-posted from Facebook)
No tagging, though I'd love to see answers from any of you!

1. I’m missing the chick gene for shopping. I hate shopping for clothes, and for shoes in particular. I like hardware stores though.

2. Although I very rarely go to movies any more, and I have hundreds of DVDs that I never seem to get around to watching, I’m completely hooked on movie magazines. I’ve heard of most movies, however obscure, and seen almost none in the past 5 years (since I got pregnant… not a coincidence).

3. I’m the queen of the missing semi-colon (or parens, or name your delimiter). I write beautiful, elegant code that doesn’t work. I thought maybe I’d gotten past this until I took a class recently and stumped that teacher too. This may be why I ended up managing programming projects instead of being a programmer.

4. I used to be able to read wicked fast… I was clocked at 6 pages a minute when I was in junior high. These days, I’m a relative turtle at about 2 pages a minute (depending on the content, natch).

5. I attended 6 colleges and universities to get 3 degrees: Duke (not the right choice for me), Northeastern (BA, English), St. Catherine’s College (Oxford, semester abroad), Boston University (MS, Computer Science), University of North Florida (worked on the MS), and Babson College (MBA).

6. I’m a complete sap. The national anthem makes me cry. Watching a wedding on a soap opera I’ve never seen makes me cry. I sobbed throughout Obama’s inauguration. I sniffled writing nominations for company awards. Yep, sap.

7. I’ve always wanted to be on the radio. I’ve heard good things about my speaking voice, so I figure I might do ok. I’m not sure I agree with the colleague who described my voice to someone else as “sex on toast,” but I sure liked hearing it.

8. My jaw used to click when I ate bagels, until an upper-ranked student at the karate school elbowed me and re-aligned it. He was mortified; I was thrilled.

9. The longest I ever worked without sleep was 6 days, prepping a proposal. If I’d received comp time for all the overtime I did on that job, I would’ve had more than 4 months off. I got 2 weeks. We won the job, which was something like $300 million, so I guess it was worth it.

10. My sophomore year in high school, I met two guys hang-gliding, both of whom I dated for a while. One had a van and the other had a 71 Fleetwood with the license plate “Love 69,” which he claimed referred to his previous Fleetwood. Riiiight. My poor parents.

11. I lived with a guy who got a head injury and became certifiably psychotic. Plain old weird didn’t bother me much after that.

12. I didn’t learn to study until I was in college. The second one.

13. My first jobs were babysitting and delivering newspapers. Both paid crap, though I got bigger tips when I collected for the newspapers by introducing myself as “your paper-person.” It was the 70s; that was a novelty.

14. I tend to maintain a strong interest in hobbies for 3.5 years. Maybe it’s an ADD seven-year itch. (“Strong interest” for me means obsessive participation, as in training every day or dancing every night.)

15. I’ve had three cars in my life. Each of the first two lasted 11 years. I’m hoping for the same with this one.

16. I wish I could sing blues.

17. I learned at my high-school reunion that I apparently was “really into writing.” I don’t remember this at all (and yet I was an English major undergrad; I do remember I was really into reading, perhaps ‘cause I still am).

18. I’ve always preferred music that was at least a generation older than I. I loved doo-wop in high school. I love big-band now. I didn’t know any of the music they played at the aforementioned high-school reunion, but it mostly sucked.

19. I like numbers with symmetry. I got married 1/31/3 and gave birth on 12/23/4 (not that I had a choice about that, really, but I was pleased). My favorite time of day is 11:11. AM, because PM is 23:11 and that’s not the same.

20. I don’t completely lack rhythm, but I can’t tap-dance to save my life. Cannot. My brain froze the one time I tried.

21. I still blush. I’m 45, so it’s gone way past “charming” and into “ridiculous,” with the occasional “mortifying” just for kicks.

22. I can talk the ears off a stalk of corn, but I’m incredibly shy until I get to know someone.

23. My first words to my son after he was born were Czech (“ahoj miminko” – hello baby). My Czech husband didn’t notice, but I’m still glad that’s how I started.

24. I can’t remember the name of the New College Don who said he would have given me a first at Oxford. (I vividly remember the one who shafted me on my final grade: Roger Lewis, the bastard.)

25. Although I’m very comfortable with computer technology and tend to be an early-adopter, I was very late to cell phones and generally find them annoying.

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Date:January 27th, 2009 08:55 pm (UTC)


I too wept during Obama's inauguration. I believe that I was weeping with relief.

I cried like a baby in pain for the previous 8 years.

There's a difference.

How are you doing, Kate? Happy New Year! i
[User Picture]
Date:January 27th, 2009 09:37 pm (UTC)

Re: #6

well, yes, there was a lot of relief involved. The previous 8 years, I spent so much time genuinely frightened. I'm still frightened, but more for my 401K than for my life, y'know? And I can travel abroad without feeling I need to apologize all the time!
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