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06:00 am: inexplicable hilarity
As I was checking my email last night, gales of giggles erupted from the bedroom.

Peter was reading to Teddy from Bing! Something for Daddy, a book I've always found pretty stupid. I've been perfectly content that Teddy hasn't wanted to read Bing books in a while. I just don't get 'em, I guess. (I'm more of a Fox in Socks woman myself.)

Apparently I did not hide my lack of enthusiasm very well, 'cause Teddy found it absolutely, outrageously hilarious when Peter read it. Teddy generally thinks that Peter's the funniest person in the whole wide world, but last night was extreme. I couldn't get him to settle down because he kept on giggling to himself about "goo."

Even if I don't appreciate Bing, there's no better sound in the whole wide world than my son's laugh.

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