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06:00 am: tissues, lollipops, and Vapo-rub
Teddy's sick again. Or still. I thought he was over his last cold. He was still sniffling a bit (though not enough for Benadryl - what did parents do before Benadryl?), but he had plenty of energy and seemed fine. And then, WHAM-O, it came screaming back last night.

We're supposed to have overnight visitors tonight. I wrote them an email first thing this morning, giving them the option of staying away. But I don't even know when they're leaving home (or whether they'll check email before they go).

Tomorrow, we have our first music class. If Teddy's not well enough, I can go alone.

But we're supposed to go to my folks' house tomorrow after class, and to baby A's birthday celebration on Sunday. Teddy has been looking forward to this for weeks (me too*). And I just don't know if we can go. Teddy will say he can (he does most ardently wish it), but I'm not going to impose his germy self on other people, particularly kids.

I sure hope he kicks this cold in the next few hours. That would be mighty nice.

* Peter too, though for different reasons: he gets to stay home alone.

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