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06:00 am: Today it was a very stormy night
Could bad fiction be genetic? In the bathtub last night, Teddy started a story that way. It evolved to include volcanoes (a recent obsession, particularly Mt. Fuji), robots, and eye drops.

Yep, eye drops. Teddy has conjunctivitis and he hates getting eye drops. Fortunately, it's clearing up extremely quickly (no eye goop this morning), so I think we'll just have a few more wrestling sessions. He missed school yesterday, of course, but should be well enough to go tomorrow.

He also has the beginnings of an ear infection and very swollen tonsils. I persuaded the pediatrician to hold off on antibiotics because Teddy has not complained at all of ear pain and he doesn't have a fever. Here's hoping he continues to trend better... mostly because we want him to be better, of course, but also because I'd prefer to avoid building up antibiotic resistance.

Oddly enough, she pronounced him "very healthy," despite all this. His weight and height continue to be at the low end, which we expected (he's still a peanut). All other indicators are normal/advanced (she also pronounced him "very verbal and articulate," which was funny 'cause his teacher took me aside the other day to ask whether he's verbal at home; he's very quiet at school though he consistently reports that it's "so much fun" and comes home babbling about it).

No shots this time 'cause he's sick. We have to go back in 6 weeks anyway to make sure the fluid in his ear is gone. He'll get the vaccinations then. Yippee.

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