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06:23 am: c'mon c'mon c'mon
I'm not a naturally patient person. (I assume everyone's sitting down to read this, so no one fell over in shock and hurt themselves.)

I signed up for DudeCraft's Secret Crafty Santa in March. Paul set it up: you send in a little info about yourself, he matches you with a makee, and you have two weeks to make them something. Despite having done doodly-squat since we moved (though I did unpack and lust over the yarn in the yarn/wrapping/present closet), I'm unduly excited about participating.

Only he hasn't sent me my makee's info yet. So I can't start. [Craft]Dude! I need to know.

'Cause I only have two weeks, I figure I can't go too nuts on what I make. No sweaters (unless my makee has a kid s/he is trying to clothe). Probably no knitting, come to think of it, 'cause it's not the season for new mittens or scarves or anything. I'm thinkin' cross-stitch is pretty likely. I'm hoping it'll be something for which I can make a pattern, 'cause that's always fun.

And I'm hoping this project will ease me back into the stack o' projects I already have waiting.

No wait, I have done doodly-squat. But it's all involved a certain four-year-old, and most of it has involved a great deal of glue.

(And no, derbyhat, I still haven't started Christmas shopping. Parenthood has turned my world upside-down.)

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