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09:43 pm: eek... now what?
So I got my makee. S/he (Jolien - dunno if that's a man's name or a woman's) is Dutch.* Loves little things you don't notice, the movie Amélie, and the process of how things become things.

um... yeah! S/he mentions coffee twice in the "things I love," so I'm knitting a coffee mug (to be stuffed) with, I hope, a coffee koozie that will be functional off the what-the-hell-do-you-do-with-it (i.e., strictly decorative) mug.

I found a pattern online from Melinda for a take-out coffee cup. I've adjusted it to be a mug instead. Dunno why, but I wanted something at least semi-original. Also, the project isn't supposed to cost anything, and this way I had more color choices. (To-go cups are predictably white; all the white yarn in my stash is fingering weight, and I did not want to use tiny needles - I'm on 3s as it is.)

So I did the body of the mug today and started the handle. I'll do the coffee itself, as well as the koozie, over the course of this week. Next weekend, I hope to pull together the packing.

Packing? Why do I care about the packing? Well, Paul pointed out that packing is part of the craft (don't recall if he did that specifically for this project, or on some other post, but the point is well taken). And my makee is a fan of mail art.

I'd never heard of mail art, but I'm gonna give it a shot, however feeble it may end up!

I'm nervous about the whole thing, primarily 'cause it turns out my makee is actually an artist. As in, sells his/her paintings, for non-trivial sums. Aw crap. I got a pro! So I want to do something that doesn't completely suck.

I wanted to do a shot-by-shot photo journal of the whole process, but guess who can't find the camera? The last time I know I had it was when I uploaded Teddy's facepaint picture. I don't think we took the camera to Boston when we went for vacation (I'm pretty sure I remember our specifically deciding to leave it behind), but I don't know where the camera is.

Aw crap (again). So I'm going to blog about the process some. At least I'll have a record.

The mug is done, thank goodness, 'cause it was not as straightforward as I'd hoped. It's done on double-pointed needles, and because it's going to be stuffed, the knitting had to be very tight (so the stuffing doesn't show). Knitting very tightly on double-pointed needles is tricky. I also used a slub yarn, because my makee seems to be interested in texture, which made things still trickier (you have to adjust your tension to the different thicknesses of the yarn). I did it while watching Amélie, which seemed apt. I then realized that I could've cross-stitched a gnome instead of dealing with all the double-pointed stuff, but I can always use that as a fall-back if the coffee, er, spills.

Anyway, the mug's done. Blue. The coffee will be either black or very milky, 'cause I have black and off-white yarn, but not brown.

* I sent an email to my Dutch cousin to ask, but haven't heard back.

* * * * *

Edited to make (temporarily) private to Friends, 'cause I don't know if this is a straight swap or a round-robin. If it's a straight swap, than my makee is also my maker, and has my blog address. Oops.

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Date:March 9th, 2009 01:06 pm (UTC)
I have a pattern for a take-out coffee mug sleeve that's felted, but that cabled one is way cooler.
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Date:March 9th, 2009 01:16 pm (UTC)

I may end up doing straight stockinette

Depends on how much time I have. We only have 2 weeks to finish the whole thing.
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