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06:00 am: Good guests/bad guests
We had lovely house guests this weekend. Teddy did act up some, as the sibling rivalry kicked in. He wants OC to be his mother and baby A to be his sister and he wants them both to live with us, except when he wants baby A nowhere near any of his stuff or him why is she touching me???

We did nothing to prepare for their visit, but they are very forgiving guests indeed.

Teddy and I went to music class, where we encountered some less-welcome guests (to Teddy; I thought they were lovely): grandparents. Three other students ("friends") came with their grandparents. So they were both new (to Teddy) and old (senior). Ever since Teddy visited Peter's Babi at her pension, he's been very nervous around old people. The pension is very nice, as such places go, but it smells funny and some of the residents don't act quite normal, and it apparently scared the bejeebers out of Teddy (I wasn't there, so I didn't witness exactly what happened).

To be fair, I'm not comfortable at Babi's pension either. Peter thought Teddy would be just fine, and I was rather desperate for time alone at the time (almost 3 years ago).

Teddy is not good with new people. He is not good with old people. So he sat in my lap the whole class and would just barely participate. Too bad, because he was really intrigued with what was going on.


Now if we could get OC and baby A to come to music class? THAT would be a winner.

* * * * *

p.s. I heard from my cousin: Jolien is a woman's name. Not that it really makes a difference, but I'm more comfortable making a tchotchke for a woman. Dunno exactly why. Must examine that sexist response.

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