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07:00 am: Secret Crafty Santa Progress
I finished the mug handle (will probably stiffen it with pipe cleaners or cardboard), and started the coffee. I'm going with café au lait (Wikipedia tells me it's koffie verkeerd in the Netherlands), 'cause the black yarn in my stash turns out to be very slippery on my double-point needles (which, by the way, are very pointy indeed; I'm gonna dig out my quilting thimble to protect my finger).

I knit to Ray (can't believe it's taken me this long to see it... pathetic) last night. I had to skip through some disturbing bits, but there's still plenty left to watch while I knit tonight. I'm enjoying the luxury of watching grown-up movies during this project (2 in 2 nights! that's more than I've seen in months!). I usually only get to see Pixar stuff. Peter doesn't understand (and somewhat resents) that I'm doing the secret crafty Santa, but he's made sure I have time to work on it anyway.

There should be plenty of time to do the koozie. I think I'm going to try the cable version. It's meant for to-go cups, but I figure I can put buttons on it to wrap it around the mug. Dunno if I'll be able to do that while watching a movie though. It's a horseshoe cable, which I've never done before. I might need to concentrate on the pattern instead.

I also talked to the post office, to find out what sorts of rules there might be about decorating packages. The rep found my questions quite amusing (she'd never heard of mail art either, so I don't feel quite so stupid). She told me I need to have just the complete country name (no abbreviations) in capital letters on the last line of the address.

Say what? I know I've sent things to the U.K. addressed as such. I know I've sent things to the the Czech Republic with initial caps. I'm pretty sure I've put the postal code on the same line as the country.

But ok. Them's the rules. I was also told the addresses (from and to) need to be on the same side of the box and that covering it with paper isn't recommended.

However, there's no limit on the number of stamps I can use (except that they must all be on the same side as the addresses), which surprised me. So at the very least, I can get an interesting selection of lower-denomination stamps for my package. That's a start.

Still haven't found the damned camera. I thought I'd get a disposable, just to document the project, but there's the no-cost limitation. Poo.

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