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07:00 am: retweet after me
Recent tweets:
# Following @guykawasaki to rules of social media, got to Free to Be...You and Me, and from there to Rosey Grier. Enjoy revisiting a hero.about 15 hours ago from web

# @TallMatt - Asked for smallcanbebig donations for my birthday. Can't visit the site too often or I'll end up broke. Good stuff.2:17 PM Mar 9th from web

# @dudecraft - If you don't use that as an excuse for not learning to crochet, I suppose I can't either. I'm not a fan of frilly.1:04 PM Mar 9th from web

# Peter told Teddy that the CD he bought was Rush. Teddy said "like Rush Limbaugh?" Heaven help me on BOTH counts.1:01 PM Mar 9th from web

# gonna track down the elusive green sno-ball this weekend. already had the mandatory seasonal shamrock shake.6:05 AM Mar 7th from web

Of course, the only important one here is Rush. Peter really must make a priority of letting Teddy know what he listens to because he thinks it's funny (Limbaugh, Savage) and what he listens to because he thinks it's interesting (weather).

We'll probably hold off, though, on telling Teddy that Mommy thinks Daddy listens to crappy music.

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