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07:00 am: Recasting Coffee as Presentation
The coffee mug is just about done. I need to stitch the yarmulke the rest of the way into the mug, which is a bit tricky but doable. Fortunately, it looks kinda sorta like (very light) coffee and not so much like a skullcap when sewn in.

So I'm thinking about this whole craft a little bit differently now. I'd originally thought the coffee mug would be cool and the koozie would be the lagniappe, so there would be something useful involved. Now I'm thinking the koozie is kind of the point, and the coffee mug is an interesting way of delivering it (the koozie alone would take some explaining, I think).

This recasting has the added benefit of making me somewhat less anxious about the suckage of the coffee mug. I'm pretty confident the koozie will come out fine.

...and there isn't time to cross-stitch a decent gnome anyway, so I need to Make It Work (thank you, Tim Gunn!).

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