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07:04 pm: crafty package & healing child
I'm limited by B&W printer and not being allowed to spend any money, but I'm pretty pleased with the packaging so far. I found a bunch of photos on subjects that interest Jolien, and made a couple of collages. The exterior package is done (except for stamps and addresses) and the lid of the interior package is done.

I'm also doing a process map of how I put it all together ('cause she's interested in process). Still no camera, so I'm googling up a storm to find appropriate images.

Not too thrilled with what goes into the package, though the useful bit came out well. The decorative bit is kinda lame, but it holds up the useful bit, so it'll do. I did find small enough buttons in my stash to fit the buttonholes. :phew: Didn't want to re-do it, and there isn't enough time anyway.

* * * * *

Teddy's feeling better, thank goodness. He slept until 10 (TEN!) yesterday and almost 8 today, which I think helped enormously. He was able to go back to school yesterday, and had another great day there.

(I think I forgot to blog about Monday, where my child [MY CHILD!] smiled and waved at me from the porch, said "HI MOMMY!" and talked about school cheerily the whole way home. Dunno what happened to Mr. Don't-Talk-to-Me-about-Anything, but I like this phantom child just fine.)

* * * * *

I have reason to believe I may have good news next Friday (not stupendous, not particularly surprising, so no one get yer hopes up for more progeny or anything, 'cause that ain't it).

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