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06:43 pm: Chains, rings, and soup
I have a chain in my hand. Would you like a chain?

You have a chain?

It's a pretend chain.

Oh, sure, I'd love a chain.

I have lots of rings on my hands. I have rings because I'm a crazy lawyer. And I'm a boy. So I have lots of rings. And chains.


Would you like some soup? I have soup.

No thanks, I already ate.

OK, I'll have some soup. :slurp, slurp: *

Now my hand is empty.

Allrighty then.

* It should be noted that I do not let the child slurp his soup. To my knowledge, he's only ever eaten soup once. And there was no slurping.

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Date:March 22nd, 2009 02:03 am (UTC)

The way that child eats . . . .

it's no wonder he's not obese! Is there anyone else in the family who just pretends to eat?


And what kind of law does he aspire to? (Sounds out-law to me -- or is that supposed to be in-law? (Ah, etymology-- where would we go without it?)
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Date:March 22nd, 2009 11:42 am (UTC)

Re: The way that child eats . . . .

Here's hoping the non-obese stays that way, though it would be cool if he were a bit heftier than Peter.
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