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06:00 am: Lather, Rinse, Retweet
# Gladwell makes me itch to do something, but I can't figure out *what*. about 18 hours ago from web

# Beyond frustrated w/ Verizon. Want to pay bill I never recd, can't get thru their phone tree w/o bill; chat & email unavailable. ARGH! 8:24 AM Mar 21st from web

# tee hee RT @guykawasaki: Hand job role reversal 7:51 AM Mar 21st from web

# I'm finally reading Blink. Why did it take me so long to get to this one? Loved Tipping Point and especially Outliers. Gladwell rocks. 7:49 AM Mar 21st from web

# Six nominations. I'm humbled. 1:39 PM Mar 20th from web

# My team got an award. Awesome team, well deserved. Very happy. 12:41 PM Mar 20th from web

# Meeting for which I took the early train was canceled. Greeeat. 8:49 AM Mar 20th from web

# Quick trip to Boston. 3:21 PM Mar 19th from web

# Sitting in a dreadful presentation about really interesting information. Presenter just told us his services are very expensive. Pass? 2:29 PM Mar 18th from web

# Wretched meal at Friendly's. I expected to miss good restaurants, but to yearn for Ruby Tuesday's or Bugaboo Creek? Big surprise. 1:11 PM Mar 18th from web

# Nothing better than starting the day with a stopped-up toilet, except doing so having left the plunger behind in the move. 9:49 AM Mar 18th from web

Left one RT 'cause I think it's hilarious.

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