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07:00 am: History retweets itself
# police log last week: Police investigated a call for suspicious activity. Found a Dunkin' Donuts napkin in a mailbox.

# 15 candy bars from my ILs for Easter. Kaštany ledové, etc. Also Easter Advent calendar (elephant tractor) for Teddy.

# Used ooo msg (sick, pls use help desk) & email slowed measurably. Breathing room. Nap too. Good life but am, y'know, *sick*. Dagnabbit.

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Date:April 10th, 2009 09:03 pm (UTC)
So glad you're better!

Your mama's so involved she forgot you had been sick. Bad mama.

Love, anyhow.

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Date:April 11th, 2009 10:46 am (UTC)

no, GOOD Mama!

I'm still waking up with a scratchy throat, but I feel fine most of the day.
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